Sunday, January 24, 2010

On a Facebook Fan Page…

Ran across this on Facebook today. Poor guy suffered a clot because his machine was off.

Maybe if he’d have known ahead of time, he could have avoided the inevitable wrong reading.

I utilized the machine Coagucheck and by an error of measurement I suffered a very serious clot. The machine gave me an INR of 4 and really was of 1.3. Now I control me puncturing me in vein.

That’s a HUGE difference. HUGE. 3.7 difference. 3.7 is some people’s therapeutic INR and there was that MUCH of a difference with this poor guy’s reading from his damn machine!!

And that clot he suffered from could have been a stroke or a PE and could have killed him.

Is it really worth the risk people?



Anonymous said...

I would love to know how many people would have adjusted their dose down or kept their dose the same if their machine read that INR? 3.7 points off is A LOT!

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