Sunday, January 17, 2010

And the Kicker…


This forum advertises for these machines. I mean, there’s an actual post on this forum with a link to the manufacturer and a phone number to call if you’re ready to “gain more independence”…yeah, that and risk your life on a daily basis by checking your INR with these INACCURATE machines! Can you believe they actually ADVERTISE for these? They tell you there are problems…they’re “usually” off by whatever margin…yet, they put their LIVES in the hands of these machines.

And they’re trying to sell them to you.

Choose independence
Has your doctor just told you that from now on you need to use oral anticoagulant drugs, and that the clotting times of your blood will have to be checked regularly?
Oral anticoagulation therapy is necessary if you have an artificial heart valve, or if you are affected by atrial fibrillation or thrombotic diseases. Taking an oral anticoagulant or "blood thinner" is very important for your health. It is important for the dosage to be exactly right. This requires regular monitoring, as people react differently to those drugs or as several factors may interfere with it e.g. food, other drugs, etc.
This monitoring, after being released from the hospital, usually takes place at your doctor's or in an anticoagulation clinic. It traditionally requires a blood sample being drawn from a vein at a doctor's office or at a private or hospital lab/anticoagulation clinic. It results in commonly long waiting times and potential time losses i.e different appointments, which reduce your independence.
However, recent developments are now allowing patients to monitor medication themselves. This is so called Coagulation Self-Monitoring. Self-Monitoring has many advantages: it is straightforward, it makes routine testing easier, it gives your independence back and it means you can be directly involved in your own health, collaborating with your Healthcare Professional. Even more important, experience has shown that more frequent testing reduces complications resulting from the underlying disease or from the anticoagulant itself.
With the CoaguChek XS or S system, we can help you to get back to a lifestyle as independent and as safe as possible, based on our more than ten years experience in helping patients monitoring their coagulation status - anywhere and anytime.
The information provided on this website will answer many of your questions. Be sure to ask your doctor or Healthcare Professional if you have others.
Go for more independence and safety! Choose Coagulation Self-Monitoring!

Self-Monitoring: Self-Monitoring at home
CoaguCheck S system for home monitoring
The CoaguChek S or its successor, the CoaguChek XS system, is a device which allows you to manage your own oral anticoagulation therapy at home. The method is known as Patient Self-Monitoring.
The CoaguChek XS or CoaguChek S is a portable, easy to use and battery-powered monitor that provides accurate readings quickly and easily. These systems are used successfully by doctors and health care professionals in anticoagulation clinics, and also by patients undertaking Coagulation Self-Monitoring (or even Self-Management), after a proper professional training.
Self-Monitoring has the benefit of being accurate and can be reproduced, as results are never affected by variations in test methodology or different laboratory environments. Each test result can be compared directly with previous tests. This means that you and your doctor are always fully aware of any changes and drug dosage can be adjusted appropriately.
Using the CoaguChek system for Self-Monitoring at home is simpler than travelling to an anticoagulation clinic, a lab or to your doctor's office. A busy schedule needn't be interrupted and there are no transportation or logistics problems for people having a difficult access to healthcare facilities. The system is accessible at any time and can be used whenever and wherever needed. Thereby the CoaguChek XS strips can be stored at room temperature for a long time.
You gain more independence!
Where to Buy
For more product or support information, or if you wish to proceed and purchase a CoaguChek XS system please call our CoaguChek Careline free on: 0808 100 7666

Join…see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

What! They are basically selling the machines?! I have read another page questioning if there were kick backs invovled. This kind of makes it look like there is.

Damn patient safety and ethics...lets go for the money.

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