Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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These are all from the APSFA Fan page on Facebook. One of their members listed an article posted on Associated Content and that started quite a discussion!

I am glad to see this information posted on here. I have not started back on coumadin yet. But when I got my last test results and saw my B-2 glycoprotein titers went up I knew that it was coming. So I called my local coumadin clinic and asked them what I needed to do to become a patient. They specifically asked me the reason. When I told them they said that I could not use fingerstick machines. Granted they did not know why, but they did know enough to tell me absolutely not. And I am grateful because I was thinking about buying one in the future.

I utilized the machine Coagucheck and by an error of measurement I suffered a very serious clot. The machine gave me an INR of 4 and really was of 1.3. Now I control me puncturing me in vein.

the finger stick machine was consistantly giving me too high readings, when my INR was actually dangerously low. Now my entire clinic has stopped using those machines for APS patients.

I appreciate you sharing this, I had no idea and have had regular testing at my doctor's office using a finger stick machine for years. Rest assured that I will be going in this week armed with these articles. Thank you!

They are a waste of money for APS patients. I got one and had to keep travelling to get my blood tested to compare for 3 months before I figured this out. I wish I had of known this 6 months ago. I did manage to get a full refund because they should probably ask you that when you order it. It took some fighting, thankfully I got it back. I was told a full refund the entire time and I made sure of that, they credited 400 dollars less back on my m/c so then I had to fight with them about that too, I was not impressed about that at all but the guy I dealt with took responsibility and helped me out. They are fully aware those machines don't work for APS patients so they should be asking that question before you ever order it and thats how I managed to actually get it back. So if it wasn't long ago-try again.


Anonymous said...

People are really starting to open up and share their experiences with these machines.

No more silence. Your mom would be proud!

APS Awareness said...

Thanks! I like to think she would be.

I am glad people have broken their silence too.

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