Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Source, Same False Readings!

A new forum popped into my reader today…and wouldn’t you know, there are a FEW threads about INR testing machines. Funny, I never found this forum before today.

The next 4 posts are my findings from this new source…link is in most of the posts.


Do they make you mad?

They should.


I don’t understand how people can still advise other people on how wonderful these machines are. They’re inaccurate. Plain and simple.

What gets me is no one ever blames the company…they blame the time, the environment, the moon cycle…everything but the company. The company that we’re focused on in the following posts allows 10-30% error and still calls that “accurate”.

Let me say that again. The company that makes these machines allows for 10-30% error and still calls that “accurate”.

Does that seem wrong to anyone else.

Do you want breaks on your car that may fail 10-30% of the time? Do you want to skydive with a parachute that is KNOWN to not open 10-30% of the time? Do you want to wash your hair with a shampoo that 10-30% of the time causes hair to fall out?


Probably not.


Yet, you’ll use a machine that could be wrong 10-30% of the time to test someone as important as YOUR BLOOD.

Repeat that. Does it even make SENSE?

People…the facts are in black and white. The truth is out there. Don’t be one of the 10-30% of people who’s machine fails them and results in a major bleed or clot.

         Because that clot or bleed may be your last.


Anonymous said...

My life is worth more than a 10% to 30% +/- acceptable deviation. How can people be so stupid to trust a machine that the manufactures make you sign a waiver for use because you have APS?

Anonymous said...

do you even know what you are on about???? You obviously do not need to have constant venous tests or take warfarin......anyone with a shred of sense who understands there own body would know if their INR was that much out from the therapeutic range and if the monitor said one thing and your body was telling you another you would....have it rechecked......if a monitor is that much out then it is obviously faulty.

APS Awareness said...

Yes, I know "what I'm on about".

No, I personally don't take Warfarin...but my mother did. Maybe you need to read her story that I posted tonight.

Anyone with a shred of SENSE would actually take the time to read the literature that came with the machine and listen to the warnings.

If you have APS the machine is OBVIOUSLY faulty. That IS my point. Thanks for validating it.

Anonymous said...

So, if they know these machines are faulty, why do they still use them? Do they have a death wish?

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