Sunday, January 17, 2010

Maybe The Machine is Dirty…


Hmm…maybe THAT’s why the machine is giving false readings…hmmm

I have been getting odd results from my machine, and have typically lost my handbook
just found this from the roche website, it looks as if the way we have been told to clean it, is leading to incorrect results
click here

Thanks …… i have been having the same problem...will give it a try

where do you get your alcohol from?

i just used water...but its still not correct...5.5 at home and 6.1 at the clinic !

So maybe if we all get our alcohol from the same store on the same day within the same timeframe then our machines will FINALLY give us a correct reading!!!



Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding me?! The problem is the machine and the regents. The problem is they never should have sold the machine to you.

I bet the company tried to sell them their wipes because of course that will solve all the problems.

APS Awareness said...

Hilarious, isn't it?

Maybe it's dirty...I think I fell out of my chair on that one.

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