Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inaccuracies Even WITHOUT Having APS


Notice, this is NOT an APS forum, group, what have you. This is something that showed up in my Google alerts recently.

These people DO NOT claim to have APS (who knows though if they’ve been tested for it)…and check out the original source. This is from 2010.

Scary stuff…

Just a quick heads up for those that don't do a blood draw to check your INR. I went in last Thursday and had mine tested on the digital meter and I came back at a 5.4. I asked the lady when was the last time they used a test strip on it and she said that she didn't know. I asked if we could try it on another one. After doing it on the second machine I was at 2.7. That is a big difference. She was going to have me not take my next to doses before we did the recheck. Thank god we did because I would have been really low. I was a 4.4 and 4.8 on the test the two previous weeks so I am pretty sure the machine had been bad for awhile. Moral of the story is, if you test really high asked to be rechecked on a different machine.

Two back to back readings. Both different. And to me, the moral would be…don’t get tested on the machines. Period.

Same person posting…a couple days later:

…it's an Inratio, but didn't see anything saying it was a 2. I had my blood checked today and was at 4.1 then tested on another one and I was 1.2. I had them do a blood draw so I guess i will find out soon what it really is. I hope It's not at 1.2 though. I think I am done with those meters at this place. Two weeks in a row and the shit is all messed up. Be careful to all of you who use them meters....

Again…two different readings, two different machines and almost a 3 point difference! That’s HUGE!

The person posted back the results from his vein draw…wait for it…wait for it:

Just got word on the blood draw and I was 3.3.. Neither one of the meters were close. They are making it sound like I am the only one this has happened to.. They seem to think it's something with my blood and want me to draws from now on. He said make an appointment for next Wed. and to come back in for the results on Fri. I told him to fly a kite and that he could just tell me over the phone. He replied " I guess we could do that, but would like to know how you are feeling and if you are having pain in your legs." I then said I could tell him when they call with the results.. What a smart one!!

I love how the clinic thinks it’s something wrong with this poster’s blood. Like the machines can’t possibly be inaccurate or anything.

Hmm… let’s review. 1.2 on one machine. 4.1 on another machine. 3.3 from the vein draw. Yet people put their trust and their lives in the hands of these machines?

Wow. Just wow.

I will be keeping my eye on this site/thread because it’s new and still going on.

Just food for thought. 



Anonymous said...

My God, are these machines safe for anyone really?

Anonymous said...

Ok, after reading this, it makes me question if these machines are accurate for anyone? Not one of the machines were close to the vein draw?

I have read the whole thread via the URL you posted, since it was public. I also noticed this post from another poster

"I did speak to a hematologist yesterday, and he told me they won't use digital INR meters in their clinics as they are too unreliable."

The "real patient" experience is speaking much different than the studies are. Then again, the studies probably were focused to get the machines on the market, which explains the "invitation only" study.

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