Wednesday, February 3, 2010

69 Profile Views and over 160 Page Loads in the Past 2 days!

Ooh, I guess I pissed someone off!

Funny that this blog has been here since 2007. Look at the archives. 2007 was the first post.


Glad I got the blog all pretty before I got all this traffic! Let me say welcome to all of the new followers or readers.

I really appreciate all of your clicks. The more you visit my site, the higher it will get in the search engines and the more people I will be able educate!! So, you may not realize it, but you’re helping my cause. Thank you!


I got a few comments I’d like to respond to.


One person asked to have their name removed. Since they didn’t leave their name, I don’t know WHICH name to removed. So I went through recent posts and removed one name. I tried to removed the names from the most recent posts and will remove all names in the future.

The 2nd comment was something about netiquette and a specific APS group. This comment I deleted. Let me say here that I am not affiliated with ANY of the APS groups, foundations, forums, however, I am a MEMBER of many of them. I am only here to educate. I have Google alerts that send me information on APS and INR machines. I also utilize Google reader. Two excellent tools.

So you may ask yourself why a lot of my links are from the APSFA site then? Well, when I was initially researching, that was where I found my information because their site and links are pretty high in the search engines.


And if you look at the entire blog, not just the last 5 or so posts, you’ll see that my testimonies come from all different sources: forums, youtube, facebook, and even yahoo groups. So, they are not group specific. I post em as I see em…wherever I see em.


Comments are now being moderated as well. For now, I will continue to accept anonymous comments, but if the nasty and accusing comments continue, then I change that as well. I don’t want to.

And since so many people are reading today, I posted a few more things for you to ponder, or scoff at…and then some links that may open your eyes. As well as my own story which I have not shared…and the reason why I made this blog in the first place.


I also have a challenge for those who SWEAR by these machines.

Show me PROOF that they are accurate.

Give me the black and white.

Bet you can’t.

Leave it in a comment.


I dare you to.


Anonymous said...

When I searched about finger stick machines about a year ago, that APSFA links were the first ones to come up. I am glad they have the "fine print" out there because the companies sure don't or if they do, it is buried on their sites.

APS Awareness said...

I agree.

I wish I had looked at/for the fine print before we got that damned machine for my mom. She may be here with me now.

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