Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lyn's Experience

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How about the finger stick in the hospital lab? I like it because I know my INR right away. But if the elbow stick is more accurate.... The only time I had both a finger stick and the elbow stick, the numbers were the same.

I had the chance to get a little evidence on my own. I had a blood draw from the doctor's, and asked them to do a pt/inr, then I went straight to the hospital where I have a standing order. and got a finger stick. the finger stick was 1.9, the venopuncture was 2.3. Venopuncture from now on.

I'm going to tell the people at my hospital that APS people shouldn't get fingersticks. I think we all should tell our doctors, phlebotomists, vampire people, etc. that venous is the only way for us APS folks. They don't necessarily read the literature, and APS is such a new diagnosis that they haven't learned this in school, and it hasen't hit the continuing medical education courses. So we 'special ones' surround us with people who do know that. lrb
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this personal experience and your opinion.

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